The Empowerment Mindset Methodology

A Program For Individuals in Senior Management Roles

Transition From Self-doubt and Uncertainty to Being Authentically Fearless and Empowered to Achieve Career Success, While Shattering Any Previous Restraints Imposed by Internal and External Forces.

Who Am I?

It is always interesting to try to describe who I am. It all depends on the day, the moment, who I am with, and where I am standing. I am many things to many people. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, peer, mentor, and a stranger you might pass in a store. I am naturally introverted in large groups, but easily connects on a deep level with people one-on-one. I love my family and friends. I have lost family (including fur babies) and friends. I have known joy, love, peace, sorrow, fear, doubt, uncertainty, shame, and pain. Every moment in our lives provide us opportunities to experience these feelings and provides us the chance to make ourselves stronger and shape ourselves into who we want to be. I have said many times through my life that I have learned just as much from my bad managers and unkind people, as I have my good managers and kind loving people. Specifically, the bad managers and unkind people have helped teach me exactly who I am not going to be personally or professionally.

So Who Am I…..

  • I am a mother of 2 teenagers (I have loved every moment with them, even while I am pulling my hair out)
  • I am a wife and best friend to a man who is 100% supportive of my dreams and goals (even when he did not quite understand what this coaching stuff is about).
  • I am the forever home for 2 horses (rescued), 2 goats, and 3 cats (they adopted us).
  • I am a peer and mentor – I can hear the unsaid and see your strengths, abilities, and potential even when you can’t quite see it for yourself yet.
  • I am a friend, sister, daughter.
  • I am strong with my faith and foundation.
  • I am my morals, values, and ethics.
  • I am a nerd and a free spirit.
  • I am a business owner (loving what I can bring to others)
  • I am still discovering who I am, and I am loving the discovery and the journey I am on.
  • I am me and I like who I am.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

  • Managers seeking to be heard and respected at the executive table.
  • Managers who desire to find confidence in their authentic opinion and voice.
  • Managers who have the drive and need to obtain professional success and recognition for their unique contributions.

Who It Is Not For?

  • Entry Level Managers who are early in their careers and not in middle to senior management roles.
  • Managers who do not want to find and use their voice with their teams and at the executive table.
  • Managers who do not seek career and personal advancement or growth.
Module One

Knock Knock … Who’s There?


  • Discover what your true strengths are so that you will be able to empower yourself from within
  • Identify which opportunities are authentic and right for you so that you don’t waste your life pursuing other people’s visions for you
  • Uncover your saboteurs so that you will be able to shut them down and strengthen your own power


It is difficult to empower yourself personally or professionally when it feels like you constantly have saboteurs and other people’s opinions pushing you back. In this module, you will discover three techniques to master your true strengths, define authentic opportunities and demystify what is holding you back from your personal and professional empowerment.

Module Two

Hello…It Is Nice To Meet You


  • Envision how you wish to be seen, perceived, and respected 1-3 years from now
  • Identify activities that will energize and drive you toward that vision
  • Turn those activities into habits that feed your empowered mind


When it feels like you are constantly swimming against the current it is a struggle to empower yourself and envision your future. In this module, you will discover three techniques to define your true empowered self, how to continually feed your empowered energy, and clarify to the world who you are personally and professionally.

Module Three

The Executive Table – Good and Bad


  • Create clear, direct, and productive communication
  • Master the dynamics of the Executive Table
  • Verify you are at the “right” table


In this module, you will discover three techniques to create clear, empowered, and productive communication, master the dynamics of the executive table and verify if you are at the “right” table to get you to the professional levels you are very capable of achieving.

Module Four

Your Guiding Light – Find The Switch


  • Identify who will be your role models mentors or cheerleaders.
  • Discover and try on new traits and strengths. Does the shoe fit?
  • Demystify setting boundaries so you will be open to change, the unknown, and when saying “no” is appropriate and needed.


In this module, you will discover three techniques to identify your lifelines, discover strengths you didn’t know you possessed, and learn to balance and empower yourself personally and professionally through the importance of your own boundaries.

Module Five

When You Get Bucked Off…Yep Hitting The Ground Hurts.


  • Experience the fall – it is part of the journey
  • Discover the advantages of new perspectives, such as seeing the horse from looking up from the ground
  • Determine the best way to get back in the saddle and go again


In this module, you will conquer three techniques to capitalize on the downward journey when you fall, gain unique perspectives, and determine the best use of each of the techniques to empower yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally to achieve your personal and professional dreams and goals.

Module Six

Feeding the Empowered Mind


  • Identify what best energizes your Empowered Mind
  • Envision shear joy
  • Keep blazing your own trails


Now that you have learned the techniques of empowering your mind you will need to keep the positive energy flowing. In this module, you will learn the best way to continually energize your empowered mind based on your unique needs and to keep blazing your own trails personally and professionally.

Module Seven

You Won’t Have To Travel Alone


  • Receive a weekly support call for 4 weeks
  • Get help with the implementation
  • Overcome all obstacles


In this final module, you receive ongoing help and accountability support to ensure the successful implementation of everything you’ve learned.

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